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30 years of experience developing and manufacturing equipment for the electrical distribution network

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Optimised for large smart meter deployment campaigns. Identify how your clients are connected to the Low Voltage network with 100% reliability: Transformer, Feeder Pillar, Feeder and Phase.



  • Identification of the 3-phases and up to 12 outgoing feeders of the Low Voltage panel, in a few seconds.
  • Without de-energizing the network.
  • ILF G2 Pro, designed for large network mapping campaigns.
    • Up to 99 Transformer Substations (TS) at a time.
    • Several operators simultaneously with each TS.
    • Cascade mode up to 4 electrical levels.
  • GridGIS Connect App: digitize distribution grids assets and its topology.
    • Serial number of meters.
    • GPS location.
    • Transformer, Feeder Pillar, Feeder and Phase connection
  • Built-in Bluetooth, for automatic data transfer and storage in the app.
  • Exports data in *.json, *.kml, *.kmz, *.shp compatible with GIS systems.


Locate underground cables and pipelines quickly and accurately. Digitise the electrical distribution network and export it to your GIS system as *.json, *.kml, *.kmz, *.shp, or view it on Google Maps.



  • Locator for:
    • Any type of energised or de-energised cable.
    • Metallic or non-metallic piping.
  • Three ways to inject the active signal:
    • Direct connection on de-energised cables.
    • With the induction clamp.
    • With the transmitter’s internal antenna.
  • 10W of power, user-adjustable.
  • Virtual representation of the underground cable thanks to its 7 sensors.
  • Lengths greater than 10 kms.
  • Up to 10m depth (factory configurable for higher values)
  • Active frequencies 640Hz – 8KHz – 32KHz and CPS.
  • Passive frequency 50/60Hz (cable) / 15-27KHz (radio) / 8 – 32KHz (probe).
  • Operating Modes (Full – Max – Peak – Null).
  • App for mapping the cable network.
  • Export the cable route file as *.json, *.kml, *.Kmz, *.shp.
  • Bluetooth connection to digitisation app.
  • Built-in GPS with <1m accuracy.
  • Operating time >10h.
  • De-energised Cable Identification Functionality.
  • Fault Pinpointing Functionality
  • Weight 1.5 kgs.

Ariadna CI

Cable identifier for safety procedures in electric distribution. Identify any type of cable at any situation: any de-energized cables, energized MV cables and energized LV cables, before manipulating them. Standardized by world’s leading Electric Utilities.

Ariadna CI

Ariadna CI

Ariadna CI
  • Safely cable identification.
  • De-energized cable identification.
  • Live LV cable identification.
  • Live MV cable identification.
  • Single phase and three-phase cables.
  • Signal injection by:
    • direct connection.
    • induction through toroidal clamp.
  • Cable length > 50 km (direct connection).
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Operating time > 24h.
  • Detects amplitude and polarity of the signal
  • It doesn’t require calibration before using it.

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About Us

Technology and knowledge at the service of innovation

At Merytronic we have the most advanced technology and a staff highly qualified in different disciplines (electronics, telecommunications, software) to offer you the most innovative solutions in the electric sector. Fixed and portable electronic devices that will solve your needs with total efficiency.

Experience in the electrical industry

Experience in the electrical industry

More than 30 years developing solutions for the electric sector are our guarantee.



We research and adapt our products to market needs.

In-house manufacture

In-house manufacture

We manufacture our own products and invest in the most innovative production processes.

International presence

International presence

We have an international presence in more than 70 countries on 5 continents.


Client satisfaction is our core value


I would like to thank Merytronic for their participation during the underground cable routing from one of our Transformer Substations in Asturias, and highlight the good performance of the MRT-700 mapper. I would like to mention how intuitive the virtual cable representation on screen is, as well as the on-screen indications that help to discriminate other cables with returns or coupling, making the underground cable routing simple, fast and reliable.


In order to ensure the highest levels of availability of electrical energy to our customers, it is important we can rely on correct connectivity information. To check the reliability of this information, ENEXIS uses the ILF-12 connectivity instruments produced by Merytronic. In our distribution network. The ILF-12 has proven to be a very reliable tool, and is easy to use. Even users, who had no special training, can operate the instrument correctly. We can recommend the ILF-12 to other utilities.

EDP – HC Distribución

Merytronic is a regular and sole supplier of LV connectivity portable indentifiers (ILF12) in the last 4 years, and their solution permits us to get the mapping of the LV network.


Merytronic is a regular supplier of IBERDROLA of Advanced Low Voltage Supervision systems for LV network supervision. During this and last year MERYTRONIC has been awarded with relevant quantities of our LV monitoring deployment. In addition, ARIADNA INSTRUMENTS, technology partner of MERYTRONIC, is a regular and sole supplier of LV connectivity portable identifiers, and their new system to identify feeder mapping using smart meters and Advanced LV Supervision meters has been selected as the standard technology to be deployed in our network.

They trust our know-how

Iberdrola UK Power Networks TNB Research BSES State Grid Corporation of China Enel

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Distribution networks topology

  • Phase and feeder identifiers

Electrical safety

  • Cable identifiers

Underground cable and pipe locator

  • Digitisation of the electric grid

Advanced low voltage monitoring

  • Fixed solution

Software for digitising the electric distribution network

  • Gridgis connect
  • Gridgis map creator



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